I just wanted to tell you that the intensive week of Thai massage was a real turning point for me with the problems I have been having with my thyroid. I felt really bad about Wednesday of that week, but by Friday I was feeling better than I have in 10 months. I worked in my garden a lot over the weekend with energy and enthusiasm and that has continued through this week so far.

– Marlee Bisbey

My first exposure to traditional Thai massage was through Winnie. It was incredible to feel the benefits so quickly afterward. My company dancers felt immediate relief from overuse injuries and other aches and pains through the massage techniques. Winnie relates to the dancers’ particular problem areas and helps them become more tuned in to injury prevention and the proper ways to work their bodies.

– Alice Sullivan, Artistic Director, Alaska Dance Theatre

In the 20 years I have been involved with the holistic movement, I have never heard, seen nor felt any form of body therapy as powerful and complete as Thai Medical Massage.

– Yosel Wastrack-Tarofsky, Massage Therapist

I find Thai Massage to be an excellent way to reduce recovery time from a hard workout.

– Troy Dalby, Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist

I love the workbook! It is better than I expected.   It is faithful to the video and I really am able to learn the sequence so much easier with both.

– Munyin Choy-Hallinan

I recieved your Thai Massage video two days ago and I love it. It is a great add-on to the classes I have taken on Thai massage in L.A. Thanks,

– Mark

I injured myself while training for a marathon, the damage caused by piriformis and IT band issues. Even after 8 weeks of physical therapy and strengthening, I developed bursitis in my hip. I travel frequently for work and was to the point of not being able to sit comfortably when I met Winnie. She kindly offered to assist me through Thai massage. She is extremely talented. Through years of experience and careful attention she was able to identify the source of my hip pain. After working with Winnie that first time, I didn’t experience pain at all for almost two weeks! My doctor strongly encouraged me to continue working with Winnie to combine treatments, as he saw considerable difference after the Thai massage. Thank you Winnie – I’m finally on the road to recovery!

– Mary

“After two knee surgeries, torn shoulder and hip, I practice yoga, judo, and bike…without Winnie’s Thai Massage I would be unable to enjoy these sports and stay active…she is indispensable for any athlete”

– Attillio Giovanatto

“I would like to say that my time in Thailand was an exceptional experience.  I learned so much more than Thai massage.  It was inspiring to see how much you care for the Akha people. You not only patiently taught some of the women Thai massage,  but you also  distributed blankets and bibs (that were either donated or made by you) to them for their children.  The Akha women are wonderful!  I thoroughly enjoyed the immersion experience of living in their village and learning alongside them. At times the language barrier seemed nonexistent . . . smiles and caring are the same in all languages.  I still remember how emotional everyone was when it was time to leave, with tears flowing on both sides as the ladies presented each of us with a necklace and wristband.  Apparently this is an Akha tradition that symbolizes friendship, good luck, and a wish that we return.  This gesture was extremely touching.  We all hugged one another and I truly care for each of these special ladies.  They are amazing! They are also determined and proud of their accomplishment.  This was obvious when they received their certificates.  With your assistance, the Akha Spa will be a success I also enjoyed the opportunity we had to see some of the sights in Chang Rai, Chang Mai and the Golden Triangle, including the magnificent temples, the night markets and the wonderful scenery.  The spicy Thai food was also a special treat.  Since my return, I’m a frequent diner at my local Thai Restaurant. Thanks Winnie,  for everything.  I’ll talk to you soon.”

– Phyllis

“I have just returned from Winnie Cain’s Level 1 Thai Massage Workshop. I have studied with many other Thai massage practioners. Winnie’s knowledge is the most extensive as she has made 14 annual visits to Thailand. I think the Thai people have taken Winnie as one of their own. Most people spend a week showing you their routine which is nice but Winnie can tell you why and what the senior teachers in Thailand are trying to accomplish with their techniques. No one in the United States does that. The Thai teachers need a “Medicine Keeper” to come to the United States and spread the word about Thai Massage. Winnie has done that. Winnie has designed her studio specifically for Thai Massage. It is beautiful –there is a pool with a diving board 8 feet from the studio! Winnie’s background in Yoga, Diet, & Nutrition is very evident as she can do any and all of the Thai techniques with ease. My class of five had to really work as we found some of the techniques very different from anything we had ever seen! She was flawless in her approach. Winnie’s trained eye was there to guide all of us. She very easy to ask questions to and gave very good answers. I would recommend her class to anyone that was interested in Thai Massage.

– Gregg Hill, Japanese Massage & Asian Bodywork Institute. Houston Texas

I want to thank you for the opportunity to attend your beginning level thirty hour Thai massage course recently. It was a marvelous experience. Prior to my attendance, I would not have believed so much information could be presented so well in five days. I feel confident that with a little checking in the manual you provided, I will be able to give a one hour Thai massage now. Your teaching was thorough, patient and clear. Your willingness to demonstrate techniques repeatedly until they were grasped made the course for me. I do believe you are a master Thai massage therapist and certainly a master teacher. My wife, who has had many Thai massages both here and in Thailand, said she has never had a better one. I was particularly impressed with your alternative methods for accomplishing techniques when my physical limitations interfered with the usual maneuvers. I would recommend your courses without reservation.

– Sincerely, Steve Katona

It was a great introduction to Thai yoga massage. I appreciated your knowledge and experience. Smaller class size was good too.

– Masaru


Congratulations to Winnie Cain, who was awarded the National Humanitarian Award at the American Massage Therapy Association's National Convention in Nashville for her contribution to the Akha Women's Foundation!


Winnie Cain is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. (Provider ID #421092-00)


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